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When 73 yr old cancer patient found out he had liver cancer, moderate drinker accepted it as his bad luck and took it as a challenge. Being a retired army official (Major) little did he know the other serious health issues that lay ahead, which would create serious new challenges for him over the next few months.

Initially, when doctor diagnosed him with liver cancer having 15-16 cm tumour – they learned that he might have only three months as the cancer was in III stage and his wife learned she’d be stepping into the challenging role of cancer caregiver. Although, the road since then was not easy. She was able to take care of him and handle the rigors of daily life. Everything was going normal till one day when he started losing his weight suddenly – loss of appetite, loss of strength – gave them the reason to get him admitted to the hospital. He, who had been primarily independent, suddenly needed a walker. It was really hard because all of a sudden, he could not walk. She had to provide a whole new kind of care giving; one that included helping him with his physical mobility. This level of care was far more challenging than anything she had faced before. She closed her boutique in order to care for him full time, but struggled with the effort of keeping up with his needs.

As a Major he was strong willed, non-complaining, well disciplined and jolly person – who lived and enjoyed his life till his last breath. He was full of life. He was never depressed or sad through out his illness. He prolonged his life with two more years. Only last three months, he suffered and complained of pain in shoulders, got extremely weak and used walker to walk.

Lack of sleep, weakness and pain in shoulders and in feet were the effects of this illness. He was the epitome of bravery and patience. He stayed for 3 days in the hospital in the last days of his life. Chemo was not prescribed to him.