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What was my fault? Why I have to undergo all this? I was leading a healthy normal life when at the age of 52, for the first time I came to know about my illness. These questions were on my mind, when I came to know about my illness in December 1999. It was painful, disturbing, non-ending, unexpected, sleepless; in short it was the worst nightmare of my life. It was difficult to accept that I was suffering from a silent but fast disease of Cancer.

I can’t forget the morning of 1999 – December when I discovered the tumor in my right breast. I was doubtful, so took the appointment from the doctor. Doctor confirmed me of breast cancer. Tests, mammography and treatment started. It was depressing rather disturbing in the beginning and turmoil which I was going through was unbearable. Continuous pricking and 24 sessions of radiation and 6 sittings of chemotherapy – it all happened.

My hair disappeared from my head, which used to give me spondylitis for my heavy hair (the only disease which I used to have till the age of 52). The treatment was very painful and expensive (eating up our earnings and savings). And the removal of one breast as cancer was detected at the 3rd stage. The treatment continued for five years. But there was no guarantee whether it can revisit my body. The treatment had side effects and after effects.

In March 2008, I discovered bleeding from uterus and it prolonged for one and half month. I again consulted the doctor and after her diagnosis came to know about the uterus cancer. It was another blow from the destiny. After confirmation and consultation the uterus was removed in 2008. It was an early detection and was not spreaded all over the body. Then removal of ovaries and appendicitis disturbed my daily routine. Taking 14 to 15 tablets daily, then injections and pain all over my body — literally went through turmoil. It was a silent but fast disease, which was working swiftly in my body.

Once again in 2010 I consulted doctor regarding the pain in my left breast. Mammography was done and doctor confirmed the cancer in my breast. Early detection made me less vulnerable and only surgery was done to remove the clot in my breast. This time — no chemo, no radiation – only surgery. I am living with one breast and still don’t know whether cancer can visit me again.

In 2012 stone was detected in gall bladder. And then bladder was removed. My immune system didn’t work properly. And the digestive system failed.

Presently in 2015 at the age of 66, doctor is apprehended about a spot in breast again. MRI has to be done. And then procedure will start again.

In this painful journey what I would like to share with you all – that while going through all this turmoil—my doctor, my husband, my kids, my friends, my relatives—all stood by me to face this. I have learnt to stare at atrocities in the face, to pluck up courage and optimism in bad times. They gave me strength to face the hard core realities of life and about this disease. There was faith, hope and trust for my God and doctor which led me to fight this battle with a smile. I am surviving with two kids and a husband who supported me in every thick and thin of my life. I am living with a hope that one day I will be disease free and will lead a healthy, normal life once again. Earlier it was very difficult for me to accept this but slowly, gradually I have accepted the reality. It’s a non-ending battle of my life. Basically, early detection, awareness and positive attitude matters a lot. I am able to survive just because I got the support and co-operation from everybody around me.