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As a human being I was not ready to face all this when it came to me. “My first bout with cancer was in early 2013 when I felt ulcers on my tongue. I made it through treatment successfully, finished up in October 2013, and was very relieved to have that chapter of my life behind me.”

I am Babita Bhadana from Nangla village – Faridabad, 33 yrs old now, working with an Aangan wadi as helper, surviving with three kids and husband. It all started with some painful blisters on my tongue. I felt pain in my tongue and was not able to digest or swallow anything. Color of my tongue was changed to light pink and then I consulted an ENT specialist in Faridabad only. And then he prescribed me some medicines; those medicines did not suit me and I got swelling all our body. And then doctor got suspicious, even at the initial test he knew something was wrong. He recommended me some tests.

I was just 31 yrs when cancer attacked our lives and was not ready to take the blow. The tests were to be done at AIIMS. When they did the biopsy on my tongue, it was like a living nightmare. Doctor did not give anesthesia and took the sample of that ulcer.

I was diagnosed to have IV stage oral cancer. It was totally beyond my expectation and control. No one can ever understand what I was going through. Cancer entered into our lives.

I wanted to ask the God why me after all? And then I accepted the harsh reality that now I have to deal with this disease. The treatment was very costly and painful; so my parents and my brother took the initiative and helped me a lot – mentally, physically and financially. Then we decided to go to FORTIS – Gurgaon. Here, I got the treatment with patience, care and affection. For six months, I have been treated and now got cured.

I have gone through sessions of chemotherapy and radiation. As the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, I have lost taste buds and don’t feel any taste for anything. Doctor says that taste buds will develop gradually.

Now I have been cured and on medicines only, have to visit doctor once in three months for follow up treatment. As per doctor, the cancer can come again. Extra precautions have to be taken regarding oral hygiene and nutritional diet should be taken. And it is very clear that this cancer will not travel to the next generation. I am quite hopeful that cancer will not occur again as I will take the nutritional diet and look after the oral hygiene of my mouth.

Today, both the survivors feel great, as they have crossed this tormentous stage. And now they can bravely say that “We are the cancer survivors with a difference as we took this disease in a positive manner. In the starting we were doubtful that we would be able to survive or not but with the passage of time and with due medication, hope and care; we have surpassed this ordeal. Our families have kept us strong, especially during the treatment. All we want to say that faith helped us to get through, and we are thankful to feel as healthy as we did before the treatment.”