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Spectrum Of Activities

Our various activities which helped us to focus on six key issues that we believe will make a huge difference to the effectiveness and efficiency in cancer care management sector, as well as strengthening the structure of sector planning. Our reference and preference is more towards reaching out to the cancer afflicted persons, in specific those belonging to BPL section of the society. There are two distinctive features that define the cancer scenario relevant to our country in all its starkness, and form the basis of our work:-

The developing countries have 5% of the world’s resources in cancer treatment, prevention, care & research – while these countries are home to two-thirds of the world’s cancer patients.

More than 80% of our patients get detected only in the last stages of the disease. GCCI has been pursuing its agenda nationwide since 1998. Towards a longer term objective of combating cancer, we focus on following programmes:

Our Programmes:

GCCI through its various programmes endeavours to make difference to the lives of people

  • Educational Sponsorship
  • Preventive Programme – Cancer Screening/Awareness
  • Vocational Training
  • Palliative Care/Home Care
  • Capacity Building
  • Financial Assistance Programme
  • Primary Health Care and Cancer Screening Centres
  • Research and Development Journal

Educational Sponsorship Programme

Child Education Sponsorship programme helps needy and deprived children to continue their education. GCCI works in collaboration with cancer hospitals and educational institutions all over India. We prepare the case histories and gauge the educational needs of children from families where the bread earner has died due to cancer. We try to keep the children of financially hard-pressed suffering families in school – so that they don’t suffer lifelong illiteracy as a result of cancer; in this programme, sponsorship is given to those children who come from the cancer afflicted families. This monthly scholarship enables a child to complete his/her education without any hindrance upto XII std. GCCI mitigates this financial burden by paying this fee either directly to the school, child or to one of the parents by cheque.

Periodic monitoring is done by obtaining the records pertaining to the child’s performance. Special preference is given to girl child and those children who come from economical weaker section.

Children from the cancer afflicted and below poverty line can avail this facility. And we provide this scholarship from class I to class XII. Two kids from one family can take this opportunity

Preventive Programme – Cancer Screening/Awareness

Cancer Screening Camps

Under the preventive programme, GCCI has been carrying out two major activities – Cancer Screening and Cancer Awareness Programme. For the last 18 years, GCCI has been organizing cancer screening camps and carrying out extensive awareness programmes through the teams based at local level. Each team has a panel of specialized doctors & trained nurses who carry out patient friendly, non – invasive screening mechanism that would be effective enough to discover cancer or early symptoms leading to diagnosis of cancer. The aim of these camps is to identify the cases at an early stage so that effective treatment is made available. Free pathological lab facilities are extended, medicines are distributed free of cost among the people as per the need. People who require X-rays, Mammograms, Ultrasound etc are taken to diagnostic centre for screening. All these facilities are provided with the nominal cost to the patients.

GCCI organizes free cancer screening camps in villages, slum areas, RWA Community Centres, Senior Citizen Association Centres and Institutions

Cancer screening camps are organized in various areas for making maximum outreach to communities.

Awareness Programmes

For awareness various materials like posters, leaflets, mailers, brochures etc. were developed and distributed among several people. Various Seminars / Lectures / Workshops / Camps were organized at Urban Slums, Schools, Corporates and RWAs with the aim to spread maximum awareness on cancer to maximum number of people.

Vocational Training

Cancer is a large group of almost 100 diseases. Its main characteristics are uncontrollable growth of the cells in the human body which can develop anywhere and can spread to other parts of our body. It is not deadly only; but expensive and exhaustive too. Those patients who come from outside metros or urban areas for treatment, have no jobs and no other source of income – feel stressed and demoralized, and yet, the cancer patients need to be kept busy and sometimes earning also to run their household.Through vocational rehabilitation programme the cancer patients and their dependents were restored into the mainstream of life by making them competent, secured, enthusiastic, self assured and self sufficient.

Limited Financial Assistance

Cancer thrusts heavy expenses on both – the patient and their family. Most of the time families do not have their medical insurances. Education is no doubt one of the strongest weapons to vanquish cancer and development of cancer free society. The bread earner and other family members get completely exhausted – physically, mentally and financially while going through the long and painful treatment procedure. The aim of GCCI’s Limited Financial Assistance Programme is to lessen the stress of grief stricken families.

Benefits Of This Financial Help

  1. Through this help person can spend this amount on buying that thing which will help them in the long run to earn their livelihood, e.g. sewing machine or a computer. With the help of sewing machine or a computer any responsible and adult person can start his/her earning.
  2. The person can start a small business to run his family.
  3. The person can invest the amount in fixed deposit scheme.
  4. The person can buy an auto (if the person is illiterate) on EMI and run their family.

This timely financial assistance strengthens the hands of a poor cancer patient during their hour of need.

Palliative Care/Home Care

GCCI’s Palliative Care Programme for cancer patients is inspired by the above lines of great Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar who says that the criteria for giving credit to the modern man who has made tremendous progress in various fields is his boundless service to his fellow beings.

Palliative care is comfort care given to a patient who has a serious or life-threatening disease, such as cancer, from the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of illness. It is usually provided by a specialist who works with a team of other health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, registered dieticians, pharmacists, and social workers.

Palliative care is different from hospice care. Although they share the same principles of comfort and support, palliative care begins at diagnosis and continues during cancer treatment and beyond. It addresses the emotional, physical, practical, and spiritual issues of cancer. Family members may also receive palliative care. Research shows that palliative care improves the quality of life of patients and family members, as well as the physical and emotional symptoms of cancer and its treatment.

Research shows that palliative care and its many components are beneficial to patients and family health and well-being. A number of studies in recent years have shown that patients who have their symptoms controlled and are able to communicate their emotional needs have a better experience with their medical care. Their quality of life and physical symptoms improve. Furthermore, patients who have serious illnesses and receive palliative care consultations have lower hospital costs than those who don’t. These consultations help determine treatment priorities and, therefore, help patients avoid unnecessary tests and procedures.

In India 70% of the cases are detected to be afflicted with cancer when they are already in III or IV stage and are going through agonizing pain. This scenario shows the need for a mechanism, which can provide relief from pain, to the large population of cancer patients. GCCI has been providing home based palliative care since 2006. A team comprising a doctor, trained nurse and

counsellor visits the patients at their homes to provide pain relief, medication and counselling including training to care givers for better handling of patients. Palliative treatment; which is not curative, still gives moral support to the patient and extends life for notable period of time and restores quality of life. In the last few years GCCI has managed to create 7 mobile palliative care teams, two in Delhi – NCR and five in other parts of country.

Capacity Building

A five day palliative care training workshop was conducted at PHD house, new delhi from 6th -10th march, 2014. the speakers included experts of national & international repute. the participants included doctors, nurses, counselors and programme managers from different parts of the country.

A second Palliative Care training workshop was conducted at chennai from 2nd to 4th march,2015.the speakers included a pleiad of experts of international and national repute like Dr. Suresh Kumar, Director, Institute of palliative medicine, Kerala, Dr. Azhar Husain, Professor, Govt. Kilpauk medical college& hospital and consultant in pain & palliative care, cancer institute, Adiyar, Dr. Mallika Thiruvadanan, Palliative Care Physician, Lakshmi pain and palliative care trust, Chennai, Dr. Republica, Palliative Care Physician, RMD pain & palliative care trust, Chennai, Dr. Illango, MD Oncology (recently migrated from USA) and Dr. S Kumar K, Clinical & Radiation Oncologist, Cancer Care Centre, Medical College, Kottayam. Dr. Suresh Kumar was the Chief Guest. Dr. Harvinder Singh Bakshi, CEO of GCCI gave introductory address .The speakers enlightened the participants with their rich repositories of knowledge and experience.

There was a good deal of group discussion and cross pollination of views after each presentation. the participants (35) included doctors ,counsellors, project officers, students of homecare course from national institute of Social Defence, Chennai under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi and representatives from various NGOs including Helpage India. Mrs Padma Venkataraman, Trustee GCCI graced the occasion as guest of honour in the valedictory session.

Primary Health & Cancer Screening Centres

The primary health care of people today is an area of major concern as population out-matches present health care facilities of the Government.

GCCI is running two Primary Health and Cancer Screening Centres- one at Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi and the other is at Rosewood, Sec. 49, Gurgaon in Haryana for providing healthcare with the focus on the disadvantaged section of the society.

Some important facilities given to the people at the Kishangarh Centre are:

  • Doctors Consultancy
  • X-ray
  • Medicines
  • Ultrasound
  • Lab test
  • Minor Treatments

Everyday approx 100-120 patients are being taken care here.

Research And Development Journal

Publication of R&D Journal (Sponsored by RITES LTD.) is a new area of work in which GCCI made foray a few months back.The first issue of journal was released by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble’ Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences at Anusandhan Bhawan, New Delhi on 23rdDecember, 2015. This new initiative won us accolades.

The objective of the journal is providing a platform to Oncologists, social workers, Psychologists and policy makers for cross pollinations of research information and ideas.